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i wish i wish i wish i wish.

May 12th, 2010 (01:23 am)

Another year has passed. I made it this far and i wish for really good things to happen to me this year. I wish happiness ,trust, love and security above all. I open my doors, please flood my gates. I want this like crazy.

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To past and present loves. I hope your doing well.

December 25th, 2009 (01:36 pm)

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Selling My Back issues of Gothic Lolita Bible

November 23rd, 2009 (02:26 am)

Hello, This is a sell post. I am located in California.

I'm here to sell these:

Some fancy stuff for sale.Collapse )

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smoke gets in your eyes.

November 12th, 2009 (10:45 am)

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November 10th, 2009 (01:47 am)

Friends, Foes, LOVERS, and you there! Come on by to my Etsy shop and Buy my clothes!

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November 9th, 2009 (05:59 pm)

it's the one w/ the little birds on it. CAN U BELIEVE WHO THE FUCK IS IN FIRST PLACE RIGHT NOW?

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Life could be better.

November 4th, 2009 (10:54 am)

As of right now. My current existence sucks.

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i need someone to thrill me.

October 26th, 2009 (06:00 pm)

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I really hate the responses to this article.

October 17th, 2009 (04:06 am)

An example of uptight Brits who know nothing about California. I see a lot of high collared posh assholes lippin' it. Why do they hate us so much!? As I read the comments, it seems like everyone just want to take a jab and lump us in as idiots and weak minded creatures.

California has it's issues, but there's always two sides to a story. How dare some people claim that we are extravagant and wasteful! The commenters fail to notice that we are one of the top economy in this world, ie. We work hard for our money, WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SPEND IT! Also, SPENDING HELPS THE ECONOMY and allow people to keep their jobs, regardless if they are on well fare or not, as long as money is being spent, it keeps getting recycled in some way or another.

I hate all this talk about anti-liberalism and socialism and that a lot of it is wasted on illegal immigrants. Believe it or not, some of the immigrants pay our taxes! And, pardon me, but everywhere I have traveled in the world, there are always illegal immigrants! They do the jobs no one wants to do. They make everything cheaper. They pay sale taxes. Pardon me, but the whole bases of America's history was all about immigrating to the New World. All of us started as immigrants anyways somewhere down the line. If anything, we should just give them a temporary visa that they pay, which also would make money for the state. We also need to legalize gay marriages. That would bring a lot of money in with all those marriage licenses!

I agree that California has huge mismanagement issues when it comes to money. To be honest, sometimes I don't know where the hell is my tax dollars going. I wish they'd use my tax money for better public transportation instead of a vegetable garden in front of city hall to signify GREEN LIVING. We should all be living green anyways! SO lets start WITH BETTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!

Despite the cluster fuck that is California right now, I rather be unemployed in California than anywhere else If i were to be unemployed. We do live a good life here with good weather, and cheap Mexican food, and the beach. Can't beat being unemployed like that.

And what the fuck is this guy talking about? :

04 Oct 09, 1:12pm

"You people who are blaming "actors" for CA's problems don't have a clue. CA is merely the poster child for decades of bad choices made worldwide, the idea that limitless "growth" is the only thing that matters. Limitless growth in nature is cancer, and it makes the organism sick and often kills it. CA will not "recover," but rather will continue to descend into chaos as jobs, schools, and social services further collapse. Well organized, heavily armed gangs will take over, just as they have in Mexico; in fact, they'll probably be from Mexico. At some point the US military and "private contractors" will be called in, and Americans will get to experience the type of treatment Iraqi's and Afghanis have been enjoying in their own countries for most the last decade. But go ahead and blame Arnold or Obama or whatever politician you think should be held responsible if it makes you feel better."

This ain't no Kurt Russell movie where it's like ESCAPE FROM L.A. What are people around the world imagining about L.A.? It's not all drive bye shooting and gangster rap people! IT's also land of troop Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive. Every fucking major city is mixed in with the slums and the posh!

Anyways. Sorry for the informal usage of grammar and spelling, and just plain random anger. I just need to vent. SO fuck you if you have a problem with it!

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October 3rd, 2009 (11:05 am),0,1663738.column/

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